pH Neutralization Systems by Digital Analysis Corp.
 Control Systems 

pH Control Systems

Digital Analysis manufactures industrial controls and pH control systems for all wastewater and pH  neutralization applications found in industry. Common applications and features include:

pH Control Applications Include:

  1. Continuous Flow Through pH Neutralization:
    1. One, Two, and Three Stage Systems
  2. Batch pH Adjustment
    1. Simplex, Duplex, and Triplex Batch
  3. Sequential Batch pH Adjust
  4. Fluoride Reduction Systems
  5. Heavy Metal Reduction
  6. Effluent Monitoring Systems
  7. Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  8. Collection / Transfer Systems

System Features.

  1. Completely Automated
  2. PLC Based, typically Allen-Bradley
  3. Ethernet Communications allow for access to all programmable Variables, Tuning Parameters, and Alarms.
  4. Remote Monitoring, Alarming, and Communications via an optional Internet Connection
  5. All panels are UL 508A inspected and listed
  6. OSHA LOTO Disconnect on all systems.
  7. NEMA 4X, 4 or 12 Enclosures.
  8. Explosion Proof.

pH Control Curve

Typical pH Control Curves used with all of our pH adjustment systems. For each pH control stage within a system the tuning parameters for the acid and metering pumps (and bulk assist pumps if used) are independently controlled with non-linear tuning algorithm that can be programmed to any curve, such as a titration curve.

pH Control Curve
pH Titration Curve

pH response is not linear and cannot be controlled as such. Most pH "controllers" on the market are not truly pH controllers because they use simple on / off control or linear control provided by a PID algorithm which is far too simple to account for the ever changing control gain encountered with the logarithmic reaction of pH to control input.

A true pH controller MUST have the ability to control to a logarithmic and non-linear response such as the typical pH titration curve shown here.

The curve above is the actual titration results of the pH Adjustment of an acid (HCl) with a beginning pH of 2.0 and an ending pH of 11.0. For a more complete and in depth discussion of pH and the control of pH see our technical article pH Adjustment - The Basics

Control System Design

AutoCAD Electrical Drawings

Our team of control engineers design all of our control systems using state of the art CADD technology that is compliant to all applicable standards including UL 508A, NEC, NFPA, IEEE, NEMA, OSHA, and etc.

All systems come equipped with thorough documentation packages in both hardcopy and electronic format. These documents include detail Sequence of Operations, Bills of Materials, instruction manuals for all of the individual components used and detailed design drawings including P&IDs, Mechanicals, and Electrical drawings.

All systems are PLC based, typically Allen-Bradley and the PLC programs are fully documented and provided with the drawing package.

Control Panel Fabrication

pH System Main Control Panel

We fabricate all of our control systems in house with our team of seasoned electricians and technicians. All control systems are subject to our rigorous quality plan which includes thorough testing, simulation of actual process conditions, 24 hour burn in, and more.

Electrical panels are all built to and certified by the UL to UL 508A standards and our shop and our systems are subject to routine inspections by UL engineers. 

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