Fluoride Reduction Systems


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 Fluoride Removal and HF Neutralization Systems

Fluoride Reduction System and HF Neutralization

Digital Analysis manufactures a complete line of fluoride removal systems for the reduction of fluorides from a myriad of sources including hydrofluoric acid, buffered oxide etch, ammonium bi-fluoride, fluorine scrubbers, etc. Systems range from small batch systems capable of handling 100 GPD to continuous systems capable of handling 5,000,000 GPD.

System Features

  1. Removal of fluorine and fluorides from all sources including:
    1. HF, NaF, NH4HF2, NH4F·HF, etc.
  2. Selective co-precipitation of heavy metals (if present)
  3. All systems also include pH neutralization, subsequent treatment in an AWN is not required
  4. Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Reduction
  5. Reduction to levels in the low ppm range
  1. Flows from 10 GPD to 10,000,000 GPD
  2. Turnkey Construction
  3. Minimal Installation Time
  4. Completely Automated
  5. NEMA 4X, UL 508
  6. State of the Art Controls
  7. Supervisory Control And Data Acquisitions (SCADA)
  8. Automatic Report Generation
  9. Remote monitoring via the Internet
  10. Zero Discharge and Water Recycling Systems available.

DAC manufactures a complete line of fluoride reduction and heavy metal removal systems for all industries including semiconductor, nano-technology, metal plating and finishing, mining, ground water remediation, landfill runoff, and much more. 

All of our systems are custom fabricated for the specific application and quite often are based upon on of our pH adjustment system families include our pHASE, batchTREAT or labTREAT pH adjustment systems.

We assess each application with a thorough review of the influent chemistry and effluent criteria and conduct a treatability study in our lab to determine the best and most economical process.

Each application is considered individually as there is not a single solution for all applications. For additional information be sure to contact us directly via email or phone.

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