pH Neutralization Systems by Digital Analysis Corp.
 Collection / Transfer Systems 

Collection / Transfer Systems (CTS)

Digital Analysis manufactures a complete line of collection / transfer stations ranging from a simple 5 gallon lift station to a fully automated triplex batch high temperature explosion proof CTS.

Collection Transfer Systems

Lift Station Configurations

  1. Simplex, Duplex and Triplex Lift stations
  2. Automatically alternating lead / lag / standby pumping configurations for duplex and triplex systems.
  3. Automatic failed pump detection and backup for duplex and triplex.
  4. Custom tank fabrication to match any required geometry.
  5. Materials of Construction Include:
    1. Polypropylene (PP)
    2. Polyethylene (PE)
    3. PVC and CPVC
    4. PVDF
    5. Steel
    6. Stainless steel: 304 and 316SS
    7. Exotic alloy: Hastelloy, Monel, etc.

System Features.

  1. Completely Automated
  2. PLC Based, typically Allen-Bradley
  3. Ethernet Communications allow for access to all programmable Variables, Setpoints, and Alarms.
  4. Remote Monitoring, Alarming, and Communications via an optional Internet Connection
  5. All panels are UL 508A inspected and listed
  6. OSHA LOTO Disconnect on all systems.
  7. NEMA 4X, 4 or 12 Enclosures.
  8. Explosion Proof

Lift Station Fabrication

Duplex Lift Station 316SS

We fabricate all of our collection / transfer systems in house with our team of seasoned fabricators and technicians. All systems are subject to our rigorous quality plan which includes thorough testing, simulation of actual process conditions, 24 hour burn in, and more.

Electrical panels are all built to and certified by the UL to UL 508A standards and our shop and our systems are subject to routine inspections by UL engineers. 

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