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Effluent Monitoring, Recording, and Sampling Systems for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

pH and Flow Recorder
Effluent pH and Flow Recording System
    Final Effluent Monitoring Systems provide continuous monitoring of compliance parameters  for the purpose of effluent permit reporting purposes or simply self-monitoring purposes. Our monitoring systems can provide hardcopy recording via strip chart recorders, or provide electronic data-logging, or retransmit via a network connection. Any analytical parameter can be monitored including:
  • pH (0-14)
  • Flow (instant and total)
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity / Turbidity
  • TSS and / or TDS
  • Heavy Metals via colorimetric determination including (Fe, Cu, Cd, Cr, Ni, Zn, etc.)
    Recording Methods can include any conventional data recording device including:
  • Circular Chart Recorders
  • Strip Chart Recorders
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • PLC retransmission to a Building Monitoring System (BMB).
    Local and Remote Monitoring Options:
  • Local SCADA system and automated report generation on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Remote monitoring, control, and data logging via the Cloud (internet connection required).
  • Automated paging to cell phones of alerts or alarms.
  • SCADA System Monitoring

Our final effluent monitoring systems are designed for permit compliance purposes but also serve well for general system performance monitoring and alarming. For a typical pH adjustment application most discharge permit require continuous monitoring of effluent pH and flow by a system that is independent of the primary pH control system. Our system meets these requirements and more. Additionally we can provide remote monitoring via an internet connection (via the Cloud), electronic data logging, or conventional recording via a circular chart paper recorder or a strip chart recorder.

Effluent Monitoring System Process Flow Diagram
Example: Final Effluent Monitoring of pH, Flow, and Temperature with Remote Paging and Monitoring

In the example above final effluent pH, flow, and temperature are monitored from a pH neutralization and bio-kill system for a Life Science lab. A SCADA system continuously monitors the effluent monitoring system as well as the pH and bio-kill systems providing continuous data monitoring, data logging, and supervisory control over the entire system.

Since the plant is not manned during off hours it is essential to be able to annunciate critical alarms that directly impact system performance and safety. This is done by a remote paging system that dials out via the cellular network and sends text messages and alerts to any number of cell phones programmed into the system.

A composite sampler is provided as required by the discharge permit to collect a 24 hour composite sample of the effluent stream once / month.

Many variations of the system depicted above are available including small systems that monitor effluent pH only to systems that measure pH, flow, temperature, and heavy metals.